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The Coachella Recordings archive was created by Erik Massie in 2007 in an attempt to list and archive all known recordings of from the festival, after having been inspired by similar sites that were dedicated soley to bands such as Nirvana, Tool, and New Order. The goal of this site is to be your number one home to any and all information regarding Coachella recordings, bootlegs, performances, and memorabilia. The site is constantly updated to bring you the most reliable and correct information as possible. Any additions, corrections, comments, and feedback are always welcome.
Technical Details

This site was built using various langauges, most notably ColdFusion, along with (X/D)HTML(5), CSS, SQL, AJAX, and Javascript. I do all the coding and programming myself (no third party software and/or solutions are used). On top of that, I create all the images and logos myself as well. This site is designed to be most compatiable with the newest browsers out there (FF 2+, IE7+, Chrome, Safari, and Opera). If you are using IE6, the site will look "okay" on it, but I highly suggest upgrading (it is 2018 afterall). Below are links to various browser download pages:

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Source Information

Each listing for each band contains as much information as possible regarding setlists, notes, recording details and more. As to what exactly all those mean, see below.

Band Name
    This is obviously the name of the band that is having their recording details highlighted.
    This is the known date of when the performance/recording took place.
    The name of the stage of which the band/performer played on is listed here. Normally it will be one of a possible five stage names (Coachella Stage, Outdoor Theatre, Gobi Tent, Mojave Tent, and Sahara Tent).
    This is where the setlist is posted (if known). The source of the setlist can come from a number of places, most time from the recording(s) themselves, but also from first hand accounts, setlist images, and reviews (from newspapers, magazines, and web articles).
    Any special notes or things of interest about the general performance is listed here.
    Any photographs of interest (setlist images, performance shots, etc...) are listed here as thumbnails, which are clickable to larger versions of the image.
    This is where any and all known recordings (both audio and video) of the performance are listed. They will be listed as either AUD, AMT, PRO, and/or SBD.
    If the recording is sourced from a recorder that a member of the audience had, then it is listed as being an AUD (audience audio). These recordings can come in a number of different formats, such as DAT (digital audio tape), cassettes, mini-discs (MD), and flash/hard disk recorders.
    If the recording is sourced from a video that a member of the audience recorded, then it's listed as being an AMT (amateur video). Normally these types of recordings are recorded using miniDV, DVD, and hard disk video cameras, and now more recently, standard digital cameras. Most of the time, these sources have been transfered to DVD, and sometimes have had the audio ripped from the video.
    If the recording is sourced from a professional video that has been officially released or broadcast, it is listed as being a PRO (professional video). Normally these recordings are made with professional video equipment, and are either part of webcasts and/or official DVD releases.
    If the recording is sourced from a tape/device coming from the soundboard mixer/table, then it's listed as being SBD (soundboard audio). Normally the quality on these is superb, and free of any distortion and audience noises. They can either be found via bootlegs and/or official CD releases.
    This is where the information is listed regarding what type of recording devices were used (if known).
    This will tell you whether or not the said source is a complete or incomplete recording (if known).
Recording Notes
    Here any notes regarding the specific source will be listed.
    The quality of the sound of the said recording will be ranked on a 1-10 scale (1 being the worst, 10 being the best). Not all recordings will be ranked on quality, only the recordings that I personally have.
Audio Sample
    If possible, a 30-45 sec audio sample will be provided of said source.
Youtube Information

I know what some of you may be thinking. Why don't you list all those video clips on Youtube of the bands (especially the last couple of years) performing at the festival? Well here's my answer: Because there are far too many (and by "many" I mean pointless) videos to keep track of. There's got to be about 5,000 different 1 to 5 minute clips of DJ's spinning in the Sahara tent. You think I'm gonna list all those? No way. For a rule, if none of these clips capture at least 20-30 mins worth of footage, then they aren't worth noting about.

Same goes for non-Sahara acts (aka stage/tent bands). Everybody and their mother at the festival pulls out their point and shoot and records one song here and there from each band they see...what does that add up to? 60,000 people x 10 clips each = 600,000 different short clips of songs uploaded onto Youtube (it also equals 600,000 clips I'm not gonna log into my database). My rule regarding this would be that a person (meaning a single source) must capture the entire performance or at the very least 75% of it, in order to have it listed here on the site. Because if someone was able to capture 5 songs from The Arcade Fire, I'm sure someone else did too. These Youtube clips (in order to appear on here) need to be the most complete and sought after video recordings of any particular performance, and preferably have also had the original video files transfered to DVD for proper sharing (such as some of the RATM 2007 recordings).

* - Please note that these rules only apply from 2005 onward, as that's when the whole "everyone has a point and shoot camera which will shoot video which will then be uploaded to Youtube and blog sites" craze began happening.
Additional Information

Please note that there are NO audio files being hosted on here for download. That means you will not find any direct links to download any of the shows listed on this site. This site is to strictly list and archive known information regarding the performances/recordings, NOT to offer these shows as downloads in FLAC, MP3 or any other type of file. If you are looking for that sort of thing, please look elsewhere (such as joining trading circles, or signing up on free torrent sites that encourage the sharing and downloading of free non-copyrighted live music).

Also please note that all images are copyrighted to their respectful owners, and if they/you wish to have their/your images/info removed, please contact me. All Coachella logos, posters, and related images are copyright of, Goldenvoice, and their creators.

This site is Non-Profit, meaning nothing is for sale on here, and there is no profit gain by using the Coachella logo and/or poster(s). There are no paid memberships and/or fees offered here either. Everything on this site is visible and accessible to the public for the interest of informing and educating them regarding live recordings from Coachella. Please respect Coachella and Goldenvoice, and do not reprint any of the logos or posters you see here on the site anywhere else on the web for any type of personal/finacial gain without their permission.
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