Coachella Recordings - Coachella Calculator 2014

Please note, this calculator does not take into account any "pre-costs" (ie: your festival pass, camping/hotel costs, travel costs (gas/airfare)). It only calculates how much money you should expect to spend AT Coachella.

Also please note the final amount that is spit out at you is just an ESTIMATE and NOT reflective of how much money you might actually end up spending over the weekend (or two). This should give you a good idea of what to expect to spend though.

Number of Users: 2474

People going one weekend only (2410):

Total estimated amount to be spent: $821,648.00
Average amount per user: $340.93
Grand total estimated amount to spent: $543,309,900.00

People going both weekends (64):

Total estimated amount to be spent: $542,488,252.00
Average amount per user: $8,476,378.94

WaterHow much water do you plan on drinking each day?
Water? Ew, gross!
I'm a camel, so not much
Eh, enough to keep me hydrated
Dude, I'm THE water hog
Enter My Own Amount:
  bottles of water per day
BeerHow much beer do you plan on drinking each day?
I'm straightedge fucker!
I'll drink one to look cool amongst the underage hipsters
Enough to be social and escape the crowds
I'm a toatl hacdrore drnuk
Enter My Own Amount:
  cups of beer per day
CocktailsHow many cocktails do you plan on drinking each day?
Dude! I told ya I'm straightedge!!
One, so I can hang out in the VIP area
Two, and I expect to be broke
I have daddy's money, so I'm going for broke!
Enter My Own Amount:
  cocktails per day
SodaHow many bottles of soda do you plan on drinking each day?
I've given up on that stuff
One, I need something sweet
A couple, I need some caffiene
I plan to rot my teeth with it
Enter My Own Amount:
  bottles of soda per day
PizzaHow many meals will you eat per day?
One, I'll fast the rest of the time
Two, I'll skip lunch
I need three full meals per day
My sin is gluttony, and I'm a pig
Enter My Own Amount:
  meals per day
FreshersHow many Freshers Lemonades will you drink each day (they are bomb btw)?
I'm an idiot, and hate those.
One while under the sun
It'll be hot, so I'll need two
Enter My Own Amount:
  Freshers per day
LemonadeHow about that other frozen lemonade, the Minute Maid crap?
If it's not Freshers, then NO THANKS
Um I guess I'll have one
Fuck Freshers, THESE are the bomb!
ChurroHow about any Churros?
No Chupacabra pecker for me
Oh definitely one, it's tradition!
One in the morning, the afternoon, and at night
MerchHow many T-Shirts are you gonna buy from the official Merch area?
I don't need to spend any money on t-shirts
One, for a souvineir
A couple would be cool
I love getting new shirts, so probably three
Four, a couple for me, and a couple for the lady...
I'm buying every design and color!
HoodieDo you plan on buying a new hoodie from the merch booth?

PosterAre you going to buy any posters?
No, I already have enough shit sitting under my bed
Yeah, just the official lineup poster
I'm gonna buy the complete poster pack
Emek PosterAre you going to buy the EMEK poster?
No, like I would spend a ton of money on giant cardstock
Yes, I want one to add to my collection
A few, to resell them
Old MerchDo you plan on hitting up the old merch booth in camping for cheap gear from yesteryears?
No, who the hell wants old merch?
Yeah, just a shirt
A couple would be cool
A cheap hoodie would be cool
Definitely getting a couple of items
I'm stocking up!
RecordsDo you plan on buying any records from the on-site record tent/store?
No, I stream from Spotify?
Yeah, I guess I'll buy one
I'll buy a couple, love to support RSD
I'm gonna go crazy there!
I'm gonna be reselling everything on eBay
VIP ShowerDo you plan on using the "VIP" shower at the campground?

WatermelonDo you plan on cruising through the Farmers Market area?
No, I'll eat the carnie food instead
Yeah, maybe a bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice
Mmmm, a fruit cup!
Some fresh fruit, veggies, hemp, whatever else organic crap they got
TipsDo you plan on tipping those dudes who haul your camping gear on those bicycle chariot things?
No, I can carry my own stuff
I'll throw them a couple of bucks
A fiver should do it
I'll be extremely generous to them
TipsDo you plan on tipping the people running the lemonade and food stands?
No, I work hard at my job too and get no tips
Yeah, a couple of bucks will suffice
Oh definitely, waiting on hipsters all day ain't easy
Enter your amount:
   total tip amount
Are you going to be getting a massage in the campground ($1 per minute)?
I don't want anybody touching me
A quick 5 minute massage will go a long way for me
Hell yes, 10 minutes in heaven
I'm on my feet all day and all night, I need a nice long deep tissue massage (and maybe more)...
Are you gonna have your laundry done at the campground?

Are you going to ride the giant ferris wheel?
No, I don't have time for that
Yes, by myself :(
Yeah, I'll pay for a ride for me and my special someone...
SunglassesWill you be doing any last minute shopping at the camping general store?
Nope, I come prepared
Yeah maybe a toothbrush or some chapstick
Some extra TP, sunscreen, a few things like that
I'm gonna need everything :(
IceHow many bags of ice are you gonna buy each day?
I'm too cool for ice
It gets hot, so one a day
Ice Ice Baby....2 a day
I'm running a huge operation at my campsite, so a ton
PillDo you plan on doing any "experimenting" each day?

Chillin' by the Outdoor Theatre Package
Sahara Tent package
Sly Stone package
Amy Winehouse package
Del TacoAre you gonna hit up Del Taco after the festival in Indio?

How many weekends are you attending?

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