Coachella Recordings - How to Make Your Bootleg List

Once you are logged into the site (either by visiting the login page or signing up - must have cookies enabled for either), you can now start checking off the different Coachella recordings/sources listed on this site and start making your own personal list of each of the recordings that you have in your collection.

When you visit a source page (such as the Cure in 2004) you will now see something like this:
If you have that particular source/recording in your collection, click/check the box next to it (must have javascript enabled) and then you'll see a green check mark appear next to that source from now on, like this:
If you see that check mark, then you've successfully added that recording to your list, which you can view by visiting your profile page. You'll see the list posted on your page, like the image below:
So there you have it, you can now start making your own personal list of Coachella recordings you have through this site, enjoy!
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