Coachella Recordings - How to Upload Pictures

Once you are logged into the site (either by visiting the login page or signing up - must have cookies enabled for either), you will be able to upload pictures for each particular peformance/band page (if you so wish).

When you log in and visit a source page (such as Supermayer in 2009) you will now see something like this:
This is the upload picture form. Click "browse" to open up a box on your computer in which you can browse your local hard drives/folders for any related .jpg images that you wish to upload. Once you find a related image you like and want to upload, click 'select' and it will be entered into the form field. Once you do this, you can now enter a caption for the photo you're about to upload. In my example, I describe my photo as "Supermayer on stage." Example below:
Once you enter a caption, click on "upload". Now PLEASE BE PATIENT. I don't have a fancy upload progress bar (like facebook or youtube), so just give your browser/connection a minute to upload the photo to my site. If you choose a full size image (usually 1-3mb in size) then it may take a couple minutes to upload. A word of warning to you all...I have to use a CFX image tag to resize images that are too large, and the quality isn't the best when it comes to the newly resized .jpg, so if you wish to avoid having your pictures resized by my server, please make sure the width of the image you're uploading is no larger than 900px wide. Anything larger will be resized, anything under will be left alone. Make sense?

After your image uploads, the page you're on will be refreshed and it will look like nothinig happened all (your picture will not show up automatically)...DON'T FREAK OUT...your picture HAS BEEN uploaded, but has been emailed to me for approval before appearing live on the site (this is to prevent abuse of obscene pictures or unrelated pics to the performance page). Once I approve your pics, they will show up on said page, like below:
And that is how you upload pictures to my site for perfomance/band pages. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing all your pictures :)
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