Coachella Recordings - Quality

The sound is the absolute worst it can be. I advise you to skip listening to this. For completist only.
Okay it may not be the absolute worst, but it might as well be. Consider skipping this.
Barely tolerable, and I mean barely.
Sounds like the dude had his micro cassette recorder with it's built in microphone shoved down in his pants pocket.
While it's tolerable, I would not recommend anything but listening to this in quiet spurts. Forget the stereo.
64kbs .WMA's sound better than this.
Most likely way too much chatter and background noise attached to this 4th generation tape.
Remember those old real audio streams? This is the equivlent (just no buffering).
It's not horrible, but it's not good. For hardcore fans only.
Unless this is the absolute only known recording, you're better off just humming the songs in your head.
It's pretty tolerable, but the taper can learn a few tricks to make it better.
Too much audience chatter. Taper needs to learn to bring duct tape and pass it out. Still, you can make out the song and lyrics, so yay.
Pretty decent, be happy to have this recording, it's better than nothing at all.
A very solid recording. Not a lot of background noise, and it doesn't sound very very happy.
Wow, this is a pretty good recording. Props to the taper, great way to relive the experience.
Damn this is a fine recording. Sounds better than anything you hear over FM or those satellite stations.
Whoever taped this should make it his/her paying job. Very fine work sir/madam, great job!
Holy cow, this sounds almost perfect! It's like you're practically there (minus the $5million Rat-Sound speaker system).
Wow, crystal clear audio and loud! Close your eyes, and you are there! No recordings can ever be better than this. This is THE cream of the crop. WOWOWOW!
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