Coachella 2010 - April 16-18

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1 (7% of all Coachella's)

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Outdoor Theatre (2010)

RX Bandits
Saturday - April 17, 2010

Stage: Outdoor Theatre
Set Time: -
•  In Her Drawer
•  It's Only Another Parsec
•  My Lonesome Only Friend
•  ...And the Battle Begun
•  Decrescendo
•  Dinna-Dawg (And the Inevitable Onset of Lunacy)
•  Hope Is A Butterfly, No Net Its Captor, She Beats Her Wings & Softly Sings Of Summer Scent & Childrens Laughter (Virus Of Silence)
•  Only For the Night (Extended jam w/ Matt and Steve on drums then part of March of the Caterpillar)
•  Bring Our Children Home or Everything Is Nothing
•  Overcome(The Recapitulation)
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