Coachella 2007 - April 27-29

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Appearances at Coachella:
2 (13% of all Coachella's)

Years played:
2003, 2007

Stages played on:
Coachella Stage (2003)
Outdoor Theatre (2007)

Sonic Youth
Friday - April 27, 2007

Stage: Outdoor Theatre
Set Time: -
•  Candle
•  Incinerate
•  Reena
•  Mote
•  Do You Believe in Rapture?
•  What A Waste
•  100%
•  Jams Run Free
•  Pink Steam
•  Shaking Hell

Notes: Kim Gordon was late arriving on stage, citing security wouldn't let her on stage because "I'm a girl".



AUD #1 - audience audio

  • Equipment: Panasonic WM-61A > Sound Pro SP-SPSB-2 (195Hz bass roll-off) > Edirol R-09
  • Complete?: Yes
  • Notes: Taped close to the front of the Outdoor Theatre stage.
AUD #2 - audience audio

  • Equipment:
  • Complete?:
PRO #1 - professional video

  • Equipment: Soundboard > Unknow
  • Complete?:
  • Notes: Video/performance was part of the webcast, and was captured at 900kbs for distribution. The audio circulates as .mp3's.

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I have to admit I was a little freaked out when Kim didn't show up on stage at first (I thought to myself, my first time seeing Sonic Youth and there will be no Kim!?). Thankfully she showed up a few minutes later though, and her and the rest of the crew put on an excellent show. Hearing Candle and Rapture was great, only wish the show would of been longer! Also, this show was the first time I was flashed. The situation pretty much was this: Girl (bumps into me): What's your shirt say? Me: Um what? Girl: What does your shirt say? Me: Boards of Canada. Girl (looks confused): Can you read what mine says. (I look at her - she then lifts up her shirt, she laughs, and her friend grabs her and runs off) I have to admit, I kinda enjoyed it. :P
Posted By Erik Massie

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