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The Orb - 5 Good Minutes - Coachella 2009

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Artist: The Orb
Song: 5 Good Minutes
Year: 2009
Date: 04/19/2009
Stage: Gobi Tent
Camera Model: Canon Powershot S5IS

Description: I never expected the Orb to come back to Coachella (after the debacle in 2001), but when they were announced, I marked this set down as CAN NOT MISS. The Orb are legends in the realm of electronic/ambient music, and they did not disappoint. The live drumming, the vocals, and of course the beats coming from the turntables and laptops...everything was surreal. I wish this set had gone on for two more was the perfect setting/vibe all around. This was what raves use to sound like, I think electro should be taking notes.
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pure bliss...
Posted by Erik Massie on 11/18/2009 at 05:57:43 PM EST
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